Are you in a gap year? Are you ready to go to university? Do you want to get into the Creative Industries? Your route into Film, media and performance.

Starts: 16 May 2011 to 22 July 2011

This is your chance to gain entry onto one of the finest university programmes in London, at Regent’s College School of Film, Media and Performance.
Through Creative Gateway you will enjoy a comprehensive 10 week residential programme at Hillcroft to prepare you for this unique university opportunity.

You will enjoy learning:
Creative Writing, Drama, Confidence Building, Study Skills, Public Speaking, Digital Arts, trips to London theatres and a whole host of lectures at Regent’s including:

– Contemporary Art in London
– Photography and New Media
– Multicultural London
– Leisure and Pleasure in London
– Famous, Fashionable and Fabulous
– British Cinema
– The history of the film musical

Plus: Special Guest Actors and writers will make this an experience to remember. Along the way you will create a reflective diary as part of your final assessment. Following a successful outcome on the Creative Gateway programme and successful application to Regent’s, a university that provides academic excellence in the heart of London you could receive one of 10 free university bursaries on offer to cover all your tutorial costs.

Enrolment days at Hillcroft: Thursday 5th May and Tuesday 10th May from 10.30 am to 2.00 pm.

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What will it cost me?
With the exception of a small booking fee of £15, courses are entirely free for the vast majority of Hillcroft’s students. Support is also available towards the cost of childcare either at
our own on-site facility or, in exceptional circumstances, towards the cost of a registered childminder.

Regent’s College London – University bursaries.
Hillcroft in collaboration with Regent’s College London, offers a unique opportunity to students who participate on special joint course activity at Hillcroft (Currently Creative Gateway) to gain access to tutorial bursaries, removing some of the financial barriers that are faced by students who would like to go on to university to complete their studies but can not afford to do so.

This enables students the opportunity to take up courses at Regent’s in the Schools of Film, Media and Performance or Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology.