Dua Lipa gets UK success with Hotter Than Hell

Many music fans may wonder if Dua Lipa is a band. But it is actually the real name of an English singer, songwriter and musician who is currently enjoying a big UK hit with her fourth single, Hotter Than Hell. “I’m so pleased to have such a successful single in... read more

Three Kosovo Albanians killed in Munich attack

A lone gunman of German-Iranian descent killed at least nine and wounded 21 people in a shopping mall on Friday afternoon in the Bavarian city of Munich, German media report. The 18-year old killed himself soon after outside the center. The police have not yet found... read more

Kosovo to send eight athletes to its first Olympics

The Kosovo Olympic Committee introduced the eight on Tuesday; two swimmers, two judokas, two in athletics, one shooter, and a cyclist. Kosovo gained membership of the IOC in December 2014. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, but Serbia does not recognize... read more

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